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Quality down to
the finest detail

EMS service

5 (SMD) lines and 3 (THT) workstations give us the opportunity to flexible respond to customer needs. Our services are certified to the highest quality standards. Specialized in PCB assembly, we can produce small and large volume orders. We can also do the final assembly of your product. This enables us to offer our customers the highest quality products at attractive prices.
We offer:

  Mounting of printed circuit boards in a sizes up to 500 mm width and 500 mm length
•  The processing of components up to size 0201
•  RohS compliant soldering
•  Creating solder frames/solder masks
•  Coating of printed circuit boards
•  Selective soldering and almost residue-free
•  Soldering of BGA components
•  Mixed assembly on both sides (THT/SMT)